A revolutionary non-antibiotic growth promoter poultry feed supplement for optimum growth and healthy birds.
Optimum gut efficiency in poultry is something we are obsessive about. We recognize that it makes a real difference to profits for our farmers. We continually research for innovative and healthier ways to produce more resourceful birds. By merging two proven ingredients we invented a formulation that has proven to deliver substantial improvements. It’s two main ingredients balance each other to deliver constant growth and weight gain. GROPRO-FORTE is a feed additive containing a precise blend of The 6 Best Antibacterial Essential Oils components including Oregano, Cinnamon, Grapefruit, thymol, eugenol and piperine with Benzoic acid. These ingredients stimulate the production of digestive enzymes and improve the equilibrium of gut microflora. Benzoic acid is the most effective organic acid for incorporation in poultry diets. It has shown a strong anti¬≠microbial effect, particularly against E.coli and campylobacter. The result is greater and more constant digestive proficiency.
GROPRO-FORTE should be added to feeds from starter to withdrawal rations. Trial results have shown:
  • Greater weight gain
  • Increased feed conversion
  • Superior control of pathogenic bacteria
  • Higher profits, with an good return on investment
300 gm per tonne of feed from starter to withdrawal rations.