Bio Clean

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100 ml Pack

BioClean…A Complete Hygiene formala

The Advantages BioClean is a high-level, broad spectrum disinfectant concentrate, capable of controlling bacteria, virus, fungus, mold and mildew on all environmental hard surfaces & in water.

When used as directed, BioClean is the only disinfecting agent that eliminates 100%

Enveloped and Lipid viruses like covid 19, HIV, Bird Flu, swine flu Aspergillus niger, Respiratory Disease, Mycobacterium bovis, Tuberculosis, H. I. V. Type 1, AIDS, Poliovirus 1, Polio Virus and many more…

This multipurpose Disinfectant can be use for Sterilant: A cold sterilant for the sterilization of

.medical instruments

• Hand-Gel : For use every place where the transfer of microbes via hands is a risk.

• Wipes : Handy wipe for disinfecting, and cleaning during daily activities.

. Wash: For areas where the build up of organic matter and microbes is likely to occur.

. Pre-Wash: For use with heavily soiled instruments before they are sterilized.

Mixing Ratio 5 ml to to be mixed in 1000 ml water.
For floor mopping : mix 5 ml in 10 litres of water.



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